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Day 2

Weight: 127.5

Intake so far: 8floz light soymilk - 70cal, 1tbs light chocolate syrup - 25 cal

I completely forgot about my no arteficial sweetener rule this morning, so I started drinking the chocolate milk I made when I went, "oh crap, that's light syrup there's probably fake sugar in it!".

But there isn't. There's just less sugar. How awesome is that?

Yesterday went swimmingly, and today should go just as well. My chocolate milk will hold me over until noon, though I'll be drinking water and tea durring that time as well. To keep me busy until then, I'm taking down the window unit airconditioner in my room, working on homework, doing laundry, and talking you ladies, of course! Then at noon I'm heading over to Curley's(mah job), where I will work on the Haunted House that we are building in the basement for the customers (we did it last yearn - so much fun and everyone loved it) which will keep me occupied and not eating until about 2-2:30. Then I'm comming home and having some grape juice, doing some DDR, and the rest of my night will be spent back at work bartending.

If I have a plan, I'll stick to it. If I wing it, I fail, so....

Good luck to anyone fasting with me!
Good luck to everyone else, too.
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