Kelly (fabulous_dino) wrote in fast2gether,

name: Kelly
age: 23
eating disorder type: ana (addicting to fasting)
current weight: 114lbs
highest weight:150lbs
lowest weight:100lbs
short term goal weight:100lbs
long term goal weight:90lbs
anything interesting about yourself: Not very interesting..but Im starting a fast tomorrow (just fresh squeezed lemon in spring water) for 25 days. Gaurenteed youll lose atleast 10 to 15lbs,depending on your excerise routine. I have become overly obsessed with the gym (kickboxing/bodycombat) and I love it. With the fast and the gym Ive lost 20 lbs or more in less than a month. If anyone would like to join and needs help/support/advice feel free to email me or IM me. Looking forward to meeting new ED friends. Thanks!
AIM: NameurPoison1154
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