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I Want To Be On The Outside The Way I Feel On The Inside

hello girls!
my name is Juliet and I'm new, really new at this...
I'm European, and trying (as you can se) not to spill out most of my personal info cuz I know they could find me and stop me... speakin' about my family and kinda paranoid with internet lately..
( you can find my story on my blog, if you like)
anyhow, I'm starting my very first fast tomorrow, and I wanted to ask a couple of questions, like if it's ok to smoke while fasting...cuz I can stop eating but I really can't say no to my cigarette...!
and... how long can I go without eating before getting sick? I mean, more or less, as a beginner, what do you sudgest for me to do?

my english sucks...!

soo...that's it.  I hope all goes well and I'm very happy to have found this group. I read some of your entries, you all sound amazing...
and the sweetest thing is I've never felt so..part of something, even though nothing really happened yet.
I really think we have something in common that goes beyond...normal, common, simple things.

we have the desire to be on the outside as beautiful and charming as we are on the inside.

I believe in you girls.
I'll be posting very often, don't let me down...     keep me company...!!! =P

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