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How To Dissapear Completely

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My stats:
height: 5'2
cw: 173
lw: 115
hw: 187
short term goal: 165 by april
long term: 120 by summer

I'm going to start a 48 hour fast tomorrow. I've never fasted before, so this will be quite an experience. it will consist of green tea, water, and green tea pills.
i love getting new friends, so dont be shy about adding me. im a worthy commenter ;)
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i need to lose a whole lot of weight in a VERY short amount of time
the only way im going to be able to do it is if im doing it with someone
almost competing with them
do you know what i mean?
someone want to do it with me?
talk a few times a day
to keep each other on track and things?
i need people to talk me through it when i want to eat!
do yo recon we could do it together?

i envy you all SO much
for being able to keep it up
im the total oppasite
i over eat and i hate it!
im over weight
im about 5'7 and weigh nearly 200lb!!!!
i know i know
i would love to not eat for days on end or eat very little but i cant do it on my own
its almost asif i want to be anorexic
infact i do
my mind thinks like an anorexic
i did go through an anorexic stage for about 2 months nearly a year ago
but then i went straight from not eating to over eating
why cant my body let me do it!
i gets me so down

i would really like some help
some tips
im desperate

emily xxxx

I'll do it with you.

I'll add you to my friends list, and you can email me personal emails (if you're in secret) at

Lets get skinny together!



March 11 2007, 17:48:27 UTC 9 years ago

:) thats great
we should do it in stages.
like aim to loose 5 pounds in the next week or something
and have at least one fast day everyweek (liquid fasts) i die without water
sound good?
do you have any other ideas?