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Hey everyone

Hey everyone.
I just made this secret journal to track my weight etc, but I've been in this community before with a different name.
I'm easing myself back into fasting again. I used to fast all the time, and I just want to slowly get back into it because it's a great way to lose weight and feel clean.

Today is the start of my new fast. I'm going to try 3 days to begin with, but if I can make it for the whole week, great. I don't want to pressure myself too much to begin with. If I feel incredibly weak, I'm allowing myself a glass of fruit smoothie (180cals) to get me through.

Here's my awful stats:
Height: 5'4
HW: 210
CW: 164
STGW: 145
LTGW: 98 would be a dream

It's good to be back! By the way, if anybody wants to be buddies and add eachother, just say. Can never have too many friends :)
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