miss_chronikk (miss_chronikk) wrote in fast2gether,

Hey Ladies!
Okay listen up, I'm going to be starting my LJ again && start documenting my fasts. I was wondering if ANYONE would like to be a part of this && if anyone needs a fast buddy/ supporter! (?)

I would love to chat-
AIM = MissChronikk
Yahoo= brotha_janet

email= brotha_janet@yahoo.com

♥ Don't be shy, esp. if you need someone to talk to!

P.S I start a fast tommorow (wednesday) and end Saturday. So like 3 1/2 day fast!
anyone up for it. I'll be starting my 21 day fast here real soon, If anyone would like to join that fast partially or fully I'd love to get some messages to it, that way I can pair you up with a fasting buddy if needed!
Thanks Beautiful Ladies ♥
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