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just for today

i know it sounds just like what they tell you in an NA meeting. lol. 'just for today' but thats what im doing, just a day. for now, just to make up for earlier. so if i start now i wont eat until tomorrow at 7:oopm EST but really im not going to eat untill i go out later tomorrow night to this party at like 11pm and even then im only going to eat an apple. im sure the beer will make up right>? anyway anyone want to join...? all im having is water (obviously) and chicken or beef bouillon cubes which are 5 calories each but only 3/4 during the whole period of time. thats completly up to u if you want to drink them. you can even switch them out for gum but remember only 3/4 pices even then. let me know, i could use the support and company is always nice. take care girls. think thin...
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