12805 (12805) wrote in fast2gether,

Stressed =
Want Instant Gratification (Food) =
Wander Grocery Store =
There are better places to go than a grocery store to feel better

I found myself doing just that this week.
Instead of screwing myself up and hours of regret to follow cramming things into my face, I decided instead of spending money on things I'm going that
(a) Ruin my self-confidence to control myself
(b) Shit out anyway (e.g., money down the drain),

I got this:

Using it for a week, it really makes a big difference, plus, I really like having really white teeth despite all the coffee I drink sometimes

Just a thought the next time anyone feels like food is the answer and you happen to be in a grocery store, don't, there are better things that last longer to spend your money on.
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