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What draws me into a fast can vary; it can be for cleansing, weight loss, and spiritual reconnection ext.  Sometimes there no reason other than for simplification purposes.  I am the type who becomes keen in a fasting state.  Things slow down and I become clear minded (a rare state for me).  I find that I am less attached to the things I thought I so desperately needed.  My lack of consumption fills me with a primitive connection to the world around me.  I feel raw and wild.  It is in this state I tend to renew my being’s energy and cultivate wiry tactics that are utilized in opportune moments of my personal life.  I like feeling the intense duality of it.  One side of me elevated above human frailty and need of food while the other is pleased at the displayed strength of my body as it functions to complete what must be done to attain it.   

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i completely know what you're talking about. it's something you can't experience any other way.
there is nothing more empowering and personal and essentially beautiful to me.
i think i will start a 3-day fast beginning tomorrow. would you like to join me perhaps?
i'm anais by the way. :) nice to meet you.